Oblivious lottery winner carried $39M ticket in purse for nearly six weeks

A German woman who won a lottery jackpot of about $39 million said she carried the ticket in her purse for nearly six weeks before discovering it was a winner.

The 45-year-old Lower Franconia woman told Lotto Bayern officials she bought a ticket for the June 9 Lotto 6aus49 drawing and stowed it in her purse, forgetting to check it until she decided to play the lottery again nearly a month later.

The woman discovered she was the sole jackpot winner from the drawing, matching all seven numbers. She won a nearly $39 million jackpot.

“I still get dizzy at the thought that I carelessly carried almost [$39 million] around in my purse for several weeks,” the winner told lottery officials.

Officials said the jackpot was the second highest in the 75-year history of Lotto Bayern.

The woman said she plans to give up buying lottery tickets, as the jackpot will be plenty for her to live comfortably with her husband and daughter.