Sheriff’s K-9 finds woman’s missing wedding rings in beach sand

A Michigan sheriff’s K-9 and his handler came to the rescue when a woman visiting a beach lost her wedding rings.

Elsa Green said in a Facebook post that she was visiting the beach at Eagle River with her family when she lost her wedding rings in the sand.

Green said a man with a metal detector was unable to locate her missing jewelry, so her friend walked up to the nearby Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office to see if it could offer assistance.

The friend was told there was nothing the sheriff’s office could do, but a few minutes later, Sgt. Brad Pelli arrived with his K-9, Dogo.

Dogo was able to sniff out Green’s lost rings in only a few minutes.

Green said she will bring Dogo some ice cream soon to thank him for his help.

“This is what we call going above and beyond. Great job Sgt. Pelli and K-9 Dogo!” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.