As an experienced driver who drives the vehicle every day to work, school or the market, you must no doubt be good at it. Long distance driving however, is an entirely different ball game that requires a special degree of attention and care. Any journey that takes longer than 3 hours to complete or covers a distance of more than 300km can be identified as a long-haul trip and these can include a number of concerns that you might not come across when driving around your neighborhood. In this article, we will discuss about three such things that you must be mindful of when hitting the road on a long cruise.

Pack the right stuff

The things you pack must be capable of making the trip more convenient for you and everything else must be unpacked to prevent the vehicle from becoming overloaded. One very important item that must be in the possession of every long-haul driver is a hands-free device for the mobile phone that will help you stay focused on the road at all times. A cheap car battery charger is another a very useful addition to the trunk of your car which will save you the trouble of being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a drained battery with no one to help. Plenty of snacks and water must also be there because it’s impossible to predict when and where you will come across a supermarket or a convenience store along the way. If you are going to have some company in the vehicle, make sure you have some entertainment in the form of music or videos to keep them entertained.

Be prepared for an emergency situation

No matter how much time and effort you may put into planning the trip, there can always be unforeseen situation that must be handles swiftly, without panicking. Roadside accidents can happen without any warning and if they do, you must have a way of proving to the authorities that you were driving with the proper level of care and obedience. A dash cam will record all the happenings along the way to give you a great deal of credibility and confidence. Take a fully charged mobile phone with you so that you can contact anyone you want when needed. A window cleaner bottle will come in handy if the windscreen gets covered with dust and limits your vision. A first aid kit will also be useful for treating any injuries until you can get to a hospital.

Rest when needed

Getting an adequate amount of sleep the night before the journey is very important to ensure focus and attentiveness while on the road. But drowsiness can take over at any time while driving and it is the leading cause of accidents related to long-haul drivers. Whenever you feel tired or sleepy, be sure to stop the vehicle and take a few minutes of rest or wait till the feeling passes. If you have a travel companion, let him/her take wheel so that you can get a shut-eye till you feel better.