Following these simple steps you would be able organise your room and keep it that way for a long time. Finally this is your living space and you need to make it comfortable in a way you see fit. Travelling can be exciting but packing can be scary. There are so many things we need to live our lives comfortable and we’re not willing to let go of them even if we’re not at home. Read on and the next time you’re at the dilemma when packing things will be easier.

Plan ahead

Plan your whole trip in terms of outfits. How many do you need? Will there be anything that can play double duty? Do I absolutely need this? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when packing. Know your carry limit and follow it. Paying extra at the airport is no fun.

Pack fragile objects safely

We do not want to have an accident and sulk during the whole trip. Make special arrangements when packing fragile items from a good jewellery storage is important so once you get there it won’t be a tangled mess. Use your clothes as cushions for anything that might break and be careful when handling.

Packing clothes

The easiest and most space saving way is to roll your clothes when packing. This will cause some wrinkles but it’s nothing an iron can’t fix. Packing them according to the outfit in the order you plan to wear them will make things easier and will ensure that you will be able to close your suitcase at all times. When you take something out to wear put that you wore before in the now empty space.

Choose everything wisely

Think twice before and pack. Try to pack things you can wear more than once. You don’t need a different pair of shoes for each outfit. If you’re bringing sunglasses use sunglass case so you won’t damage them. Pack your toiletries in a zip lock bag and don’t pack any glass or heavy bottles. Use the nooks and crannies in between bigger items to pack smaller ones.

Keep it fresh

A few extra plastic bags to pack used clothes can be very useful to keep everything fresh. Putting a bar of soap inside a sock and keeping it in your suitcase will make sure everything stays fresh. If it’s a rather long trip air out your luggage from time to time and spray some deodorant.Following these few steps packing for your next trip will be a breeze and you will have more time planning the things you’re going to do and less time trying to close your suitcase.